Aylsham Commission

A commissioned film about the history of a Norfolk town.

Credit: Director

Moat Rules Projection

Stage projection for a day festival.

Credit: Director

Norwich Love Letter

A fond but honest celebration of a rural city.

Credit: Director

The Mighty

Line-art, morphing and looping animations for Ashley Henry’s ‘The Mighty’ music video.

Credit: 2D Animator

BBC Listening Project

Darren and Donna’s experience of poverty in Glasgow.

Credit: Lead VFX Artist, Animator & Producer

Beaver Devastation

“It’s not beaver devastation; It’s beaver progress!”

Credit: Solo Project

Hermit Hogs

“I’ll bet you’ve never seen a Hermit Hog before…”

Credit: Solo Project

The Big Up

A mockumentary about life after gravity stopped working.

Credit: Lead Compositor, Animator & Editor

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